Friday, February 20, 2009

Why We Love Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico is located in the State of Yucatan. You've never seen another place like Playa Del Carmen. The state of Colima has as it’s capital, the city of Colima. Many overlook this state as it is one of the smallest in Mexico. As the only other major city in the state, Playa Del Carmen is very different from Guadalaja. Its neither to hot nor too cold.It is peaceful but it still is unforgettable. In short, it’s been a wonderful place to live while the rest of Mexico sells out for tourists. For example, Playa Del Carmen has approximately 5% of the hotel rooms of Puerto Vallarta to the north.

Tourism in Playa Del Carmen is about 2/3 Canadian. For some reason, Canadians have adopted the place while the other 1/3 who are mostly Americans seem to tolerate us quite well. Playa Del Carmen has called itself the 'anti-vallarta', and it is clearly seen. Returning to places is always nice as they frequently recall the last time you came, and give you a warm greeting. You leave feeling wanted and welcomed. This hidden gem won't stay that way forever, enjoy it while you can. A feeling which is a shared desire of the locals, who, it is reported, have for many years been reluctant to accept federal funds targeted at developing tourism in the area. Playa Del Carmen remains true to it's roots.

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